About us

We are a small independent family run opticians situated within the Hillsborough Barracks known for its profound history and quintessential narrative.

As a small hard working team, we pride ourselves on giving only the best customer service, providing our patients with the greatest care, professional advice and offering a wide selection of frames and contact lenses to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

Our proficient optician carries out thorough and in-depth sight tests, using modern and up to date technology to accurately check your eyesight and your eye health. 

Whether your annual eye test is due or you are having problems with you eyes, our staff are extremely experienced and strive to offer you anything you require in order to assist to your needs.

Our store stands inside the Hillsborough Barracks which hold lots of history and ancient heritage making it a quite iconic and epochal building. It was once used as an army base from the mid-1800s right up until 1930.

It was then sold to a gravy company before  a major redevelopment of the site was embarked upon in the late 1980s. The result is the large retail and business complex seen today, we know as Morrison’s, in which all the surviving structures have been cleaned of the grime from Sheffield’s industrial past.